Innovators and Disruptors: Announcing the USA Awards 2024 Small Business Champions

The small business sector is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, shaped by the innovation and dedication of its entrepreneurs. The 2024 Small Business Awards highlights exceptional companies that have made significant contributions within their fields, paving the way for new practices and setting impressive standards for effectiveness and innovation.

Celebrating the Winners and Their Achievements

In the world of software innovation, The Virtual Forge stands out for its revolutionary approach to content management. Their latest creation, MyContent Scout, is more than just a tool—it’s a transformative force within knowledge management, offering intuitive, AI-powered insights that simplify complex data interactions. This award for Most Innovative Small Business is a testament to their pioneering work in making technology both accessible and essential for businesses aiming to leverage their digital assets effectively.

Matt Wicks and Garret Doyle, Co-CEOs of The Virtual Forge, our Most Innovative Small Business Award Winners

Cansulta, awarded Best International Small Business, exemplifies how a visionary approach to consultancy can create waves across borders. Their commitment to empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs through innovative consulting services underscores the global potential of tailored, strategic support.

Next, we turn our attention to Stannp Ltd, crowned Small Business Of The Year 2024. is redefining direct mail by infusing it with digital precision and personalization. Their platform doesn’t just send mail; it connects, engages, and resonates with audiences at a deeply personal level, making each campaign not just seen, but felt.

Stannp Ltd, our Small Business of the Year 2024 Winners

AiSDR, our winner for Best Use Of Technology, is transforming email outreach with its groundbreaking AI-driven platform. By enabling personalized, meaningful conversations at scale, AiSDR exemplifies how artificial intelligence can extend beyond a buzzword to become a core business strategy that drives genuine engagement and results.

Lastly, Broadstone Risks LLC, our Small Business Disruptor Of The Year, is not just participating in the security sector; they are rewriting the rules. Their advanced AI and open-source intelligence solutions are setting new standards in how digital footprints and security risks are managed.

Peter Miles, CEO of Broadstone Risks, Winner of Small Business Disruptor of the Year

2024 Small Business Awards Finalists

  • AiSDRMost Innovative Small Business
  • Broadstone Risks LLCSmall Business Of The Year 2024
  • CansultaBest Use Of Technology
  • Henriette Danel CoachingBest International Small Business
  • CRISES CONTROLSmall Business Disruptor Of The Year

Looking Forward

As we wrap up the 2024 USA Awards, we reflect not just on the achievements of our winners, but on the vibrant future they are helping to shape. These businesses are not just operating within their markets—they are actively transforming them, challenging conventional norms, and setting the stage for future innovations.

Their success stories serve as a beacon for all small businesses striving to make a significant impact in their industries. It’s these pioneering spirits and creative endeavors that drive our excitement for what the next year of the USA Awards might bring. Here’s to another year of remarkable achievements and to the continued success of our winners and finalists!


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