Winner or Finalist Trophy


Custom made and hand-finished.

Winner or Finalist?

Purchase a physical trophy for the awards you won, or celebrate being a finalist with a trophy! Order as many optional trophies as you wish!

All the details will be beautifully personalised on this eye-catching, custom acrylic trophy, featuring the USA Awards logo, the award category you won (or were a finalist in) and your company name. For individual awards e.g. “Rising Star Award”, the trophy will include our logo, the award category, the winner’s name and company name.

Personalisation and shipping costs are included in the price. This custom trophy stands 220mm tall and is 60mm wide. Note: Personalised design may differ slightly from product image.

Customise your order:

  • If you require multiple trophies for a single award e.g. to display in other branches/locations, please add the number of additional trophies you require – one trophy is included with any National Award win.
  • You can also add notes to your order to specify which award you’re ordering trophies for. We will confirm your order via email.


Please note: Only Winners or Finalists are eligible to receive these trophies.
Any orders for non-legitimate trophies will be refunded.





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